Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics
and related fields


In the near future SPAS will be transformed into a private non-profit corporation based in Calgary, with the expected name of FAST-CABA

From 2015 to now in 2019, the SPAS has been run by a handful number of volunteers, amomg them the founder Prof Gane Samb Lo. With the help of some committed companions,

  1. almost one thousand and half people related to Statistics and probability theory (universty scholars, Master and PhD students, official statisticians, private statisticians and consultants) have been regrouped under the umbrella of SPAS with no fees policy.
  2. All services given to members of the mailing list are free (weekly bulletin of information, centralization of the statistical informatiom by SPAS to them, organization of African participation to international congresses in Probability and/or Statistics, etc.)
  3. The SPAS initiated two important journals (afrika Statistika, African Journal of Applied Statistics), members of the most prestigious online platforms in the disciplines. The SPAS also launched the Journal of Mathematical Facts and Short Papers (JMFSP).
  4. In 2018, the SPAS significantly broadened its publication services by setting the ebooks SPAS Editions, as a member of Euclid.
  5. Currently, the SPAS is developing the Digital Initiative for Mathematics in Africa (DIMSA) to expand its activities on all branches of Mathematics.
  6. The SPAS is running six (6) websites. It holds everything: financing the hosting and the domains names, design of the websites, devoloping web programs, managing the databases, etc. Those websites are

    • [SPAS]
    • [Afrika Statistika]
    • [African journal of Applied Statistics]
    • [journal of Mathematical facts and short papers]
    • [ebooks SPAS Editions],
    • [Digital Initiative for Mathematics in Africa]

It is clear that the full running of the SPAS should at least have required positions of

  1. a general manager
  2. a dedicated editor
  3. a dedicated technical editor
  4. an IT engeneer for managing the website
  5. a proper headquarter for those working people

It is known that University scholars are self-sacrified people for the developement of Science. All these positions are actually done by a very few volonteering persons. As time goes on, the task becomes bigger and the situation becomes less bearable.

The SPAS needs help in order to continue giving the services it used to give as the retirement of the founder is looming. Help will be asked from rich people and big foundations, from the direct beneficairies of the products, meaning the authors publishing in our journals without paper charge fees, from all the community and from anyone that could help.

That is why the SPAS is launching a permanent call for donation to help a lasting running of all its services praised by the whole community

TO DONATE, you may use the secured system below by Paypal or by credit cards.

  • When proceeding, you will be asked what product your are donating for or you simply donaote for all the product.
  • While donating by credit card, you will have the option to send a message. We would be very pleased to get an encouraging message from you.

It is also possible to donate by using the following code-barre:

Just write us at and let us know of your willigness to donate and precise your countries. Hopefully, we will be able to find a way to proceed to the donation.

We also accept donations send par Moneygram, Wesrn Union, Worldremit, Wri (for west Africa), etc.

All donations will be listed in the website. Also, you be able to track your donation in your private spaces in all our websites (we hope that the privates spaces will be ready next week).

Professor Gane Sam LO
Founder and Coordinator of SPAS