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About us

The Foundation of the African Society of Probability and Statistics (SPAS) is responsible for the African Journal of Probability and Statistics (JAFSA) [ISSN 2316090X]. This is one of its official journals.

The SPAS is a foundation in the administrative sense that the members do not contribute. It works through the donations of founding members. The founding members are those who give their time, their money and their works for the SPAS works well. They may be persons or institutions. The system of founding members works as an academy. The members already admitted do elect the others on the basis of demonstrated engagement and decication to the Society.

The SPAS is also a scholarly association in the sense that for all scientific activities are manage the activities by he committees that are set on a pure system of peer evaluation. The decisions of scientific committees, editorial committees, and similar committees are sovereign. The engagement in running the activities of the scociety is a mean to get and earn the quality founding membership.

Historically, SPAS was launched in 2005 by an initiative of Professor Gane Samb Lo of Gaston Berger University. This has been welcomed throughout the continent. The internet served as a vector.

The balance sheet of the SPAS is marked by three important points:

  • An African network of around three hundred academics and official statisticians has been established. This network is an important resource for the sharing of scientific information and the organization of internal exchanges.
  • Strong collaborative relationships with major statistical companies have been established. Major associations such as IMS (Institute of Mathematical Statistics), ISI (International Statistical Institute), ASA (American Statistical Association) have published articles on society.
  • The SPAS publishes the journal Afrika Statistika which has earned its stripes internationally. This journal is posted in the Project Euclid platform which includes some of the most prestigious Probability and Statistics journals.

SPAS is at a crossroads. It must go to a validation phase. It is counting on all to strengthen the means and activities. The publication of the African Journal of Probability and Statistics (JAFSA) falls within this framework.

In summary, here are important elements to remember about the Foundation of the African Society of Probability and Statistics (SPAS)

  1. Membership is open to all academics and scientists in a more general way and to any practitioner of the Statistics
  2. Registration is free
  3. Responsibilities in programs are also open to all members
  4. The scientific and pedagogical committees operate independently according to the rules of peer review
  5. The members of the committees are appointed by a nominating committee established the founding members
    • Administrative and financial governance shall be exercised as of right by:
    • The financial members, who provide SAPS with financial and material resources
    • Dedicated members of the SAPS who agree to devote their time sufficiently and in a sustainable manner.
    • The major and strategic decisions are taken by the Board of Directors composed by these so-called founding members.

The new website of the SAPS is being designed. It will be soon available again.