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Instructions to Authors

From January 2021, papers must be submitted online. To be able to submit papers, you must have an account in our system. If you do no have one, please use the button (Login/Créer compte).

Next, you can have to login and a link New submission will show up to allow to begin your submission. Alternatively, you may use the link Online submission. If you are not already in line, you will be asked to log in.

Before trying to submit papers, you are strongly recommended to read the instructions below.

  1. We accept only submission of papers written in Latex files written in English

  2. More precisely, your paper is the latest template of the journal Afrika Statistika. The link to the template is below.

  3. You will be asked to upload the zip file of the folder containg your latex file and any other external file.

  4. Submitting the paper if only you have run the latex file with zero error on your computer

  5. Strictly using our bibliograpy model as given in the templates.

  6. All quotations should be dynamic in the text (quoting bibliography items; theorems, lemmas, propositions, etc.; tables, figures etc.)

  Authors who do not know Latex at all or know it insufficiently or wish to kown it better may learn it at (Choose the course LATEX-01-2020). This course is designed to offer to learners all the skills to write a complete paper in our journals.

Open access and Article Paper Charges (APC) are required

Any journal is run by a staff to handle the following tasks : editorial office (editor), Producing papers (content manager), (website and analytics manager). Running a journal requires also may expenses we will not describe here.

To cover the expenses, journals have three options

  1. Require copyrights from authors and selling the papers to readers
  2. Using public licence and making papers available to all readers while authors pay Article Processing Charges (APC)
  3. Letting authors choose between the two first options.
However, Option 1 becoming the most common way of managing journals under the name of Open acess. APC's of Big publishing houses are quite high, generally exceeding one thousand USD dollars

For more that fifteen years, our journals are open access with neither funding nor APC . We already publish more that 250 papers freely. By now, we target to publish fifty papers at least ecah years on top of ebooks. The founder of the journals and some of his friends funded the journal with their weak means and their precisous time.

With the current development of the activities, it is no longer possible for the managers of the journals to work for free at 100%. At least, we have to upgrade to a semi-profresional level that will allow to reach

  1. A higher quality of the produced papers
  2. A more deep use of the analytics
  3. A faster but more rigorous review process

So, from January 2021, the ACP are required as a mean to support partially the management of the journals and to sustain and even increase a reliable and faster review process. However, taking into a account that most of our authors are from the African continent and live in developping countries, the ACP should be moderate and affordable.

Beginning January 2021 and until further notice, the ACP are set to (324 CANADIAN DOLLARS) for our journal Afrika Statistika.

Template Afrika Statistika

Template Afrika Statistika