Applied Probability and Statistics
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African Journal of Applied Statistics / Journal Africain de Statistiques Appliquées

Aims and Objectives

The Association of African Universities has around 309 members. Africa therefore has at least three hundred superior institutions. It needs space for publications and exchanges between its scientists on the one hand, and between them and the rest of the world on another.

The foundation of the African Society of Probabilities and Statistics is committed to providing specialists in fields related to the stochastic phenomena of international scientific journals.

These journals must inspire young people to share in science and to learn the rules of writing. They must strengthen the culture of scientific publication in the youngest and the less active scholars.

However, they are destined for the whole world. The quality and international references must attract authors from all over the world, from the best scientists.

The journal of the SPAS (Afrika Statistika and the African Journal of Applied Statistics) aim to link Africa to the world by the dynamism of the continent's scientfics and by brewing with other scientists in the world.

The journal Afrika Statistika has an international and methodological orientation. Only articles that can be indexed by MathSciNet and Zentralblatt can be considered for publiction in it. Referees are chosen all over the world. It is a member of the prestigious Project Euclid platform.

The African Journal of Applied Statistics is committed to applied research, real data anaylis, statistical computions related works. With AJAS, the The SAPS wants to break with the idea The theory is made, one has only to apply it.

On the contrary, application and case studies pose real and unavoidable challenges and often offer oppurtinies to adapt and improve the theory. The purpose of the theory is to apply to real problems and to arrive at pertinent recommendations to the populations and the decision-makers.

The Editorial Board include scholars in Mathematical Statistics, Economic, Epidemiology, etc., data producers, official statisticians, in short, well-informed actors and data experts.

This journal wants to be the barometer of the utility of the African experts of the random methods in the development of the continent.

We call on people of goodwill to finance an annual award for the best applied statistical work published on this site.